Terms and Conditions

Use and operation of the products developed and supplied by Pennant Software Pty Ltd are subject to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions must be agreed upon by the end-user prior to undertaking operation of the software. Therefore, any such operation will be considered to be the end-user consenting to the following terms and conditions.

1. Pennant Software Pty Ltd (hereafter, ‘Pennant’) is considered the sole owner and provider of any software provided to the purchaser or end-user. Title, ownership and intellectual property rights relating to the identifying names, logos and content of the acquire-vocab platform and its downloadable content, the Pennant Bookkeeper Suite and the Pennant Investor software (hereafter, ‘our software’). Our software and its associated downloadable content are protected by copyright law, prohibiting the reproduction, reverse-engineering or disassembly of supplied applications and their supporting documentation except for immediate personal use.

2. Software provided by Pennant may be subjected to additional licensing terms imposed by the operating body of the digital marketplace from which they were purchased.

3. Pennant Software Pty Ltd does not claim responsibility for any issues in operating our software experienced by the end-user where it is deemed that a factor external to our operation is at fault. These factors may include, but are not limited to, outdated hardware or operating system software, use of the device outside of the manufacturer’s intended operation, circumvention of the recommended device specifications, internet outages and conflicts with other installed software.

4. Users may be offered a refund in the event that a fault or inability to operate our software is provably deemed to lie with the application’s internal coding or any factor able to be controlled by Pennant that may have influenced the end-user’s choice to purchase our software. End-users requiring refunds may be required to follow any guidelines outlined by the operating body behind their chosen purchase platform.

5. Pennant Software Pty Ltd collects end-user suggestions in the form of feedback functionality within its software products. In limited circumstances, end-users may be compensated for their provided feedback. Please see the terms and conditions of our individual products for further information.

6. Pennant Software Pty Ltd allows for a period of twelve months from the original date of purchase that our software will achieve substantial function similar to that described in the supporting documentation. Our software enjoys ongoing development subject to a ‘software as a service’ model, and it is not claimed by Pennant that our products are free of error or interruption. Pennant Software Pty Ltd will work to resolve any experienced issues within a reasonable timeframe.

7. All Pennant Software products are subject to a privacy policy as outlined in the supporting documentation supplied alongside the product itself. A general privacy statement is provided here. Pennant Software Pty Ltd collects and stores data necessary to the provision of its web platforms. Information may be collected from visitors to Pennant Software Pty Ltd’s primary website (pennantsw.com) and the websites associated with the acquire-vocab platform, the Pennant Bookkeeping suite and the Pennant Investor software. This information may identify the device used, the user’s approximate location, and which pages that the user navigates to. This information is used by the company Pennant Software Pty Ltd and its associated agents for administrative purposes and in the interest of improving the end-user experience of our digital platforms. This information is used only for the purposes indicated above. This information will not be sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties without prior written consent from its users or licensees.

8. If you believe your privacy to have been infringed upon or that your data has been misused in a way otherwise undisclosed throughout our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact Pennant Software Pty Ltd. Please provide any and all documentation both describing and supporting your concerns to allow for a resolution to your query.

9. Under no circumstances will Pennant Software Pty Ltd be liable to the purchaser, or any other person, for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any character, and will not be liable for any damage in excess of the original purchase price paid for any in-app content.