All Pennant Software products are subject to a privacy policy as outlined in the supporting documentation supplied alongside the product itself. A general privacy statement is provided here. Pennant Software Pty Ltd collects and stores data necessary to the provision of its web platforms. Information may be collected from visitors to Pennant Software Pty Ltd’s primary website ( and the websites associated with the acquire-vocab platform, the Pennant Bookkeeping suite and the Pennant Investor software. This information may identify the device used, the user’s approximate location, and which pages that the user navigates to. This information is used by the company Pennant Software Pty Ltd and its associated agents for administrative purposes and in the interest of improving the end-user experience of our digital platforms. This information is used only for the purposes indicated above. This information will not be sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties without prior written consent from its users or licensees.

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